Advanced IP check

Use digital footprint as an extra protection level.

Advanced IP check lets you extract the IP address of the device your applicant uses for verification and run it through our databases to ensure it is genuine and secure.

Advanced IP check lets you:

  • Ensure that cybercriminals do not intercept your applicant traffic.
  • Reveal the applicant location.
  • Find out if your applicant uses a VPN to connect to the internet.

How it works

An IP address—short for Internet Protocol address—is a unique numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. It serves as an identifier for the source and destination of internet traffic.

Your applicants' consent for personal data processing allows Sumsub to use built-in analytical tools to collect their IP addresses.

According to the internal logic, the system checks the data and returns the results as red, yellow, or green labels, depending on how much risk the specified IP address poses.

IP address checks

With IP risk assessment, the standard IP address check results are extended with the following:

IPThe IP address of the device used by the applicant.
LocationThe country and the city where the applicant is located.
OrganizationThe legal name of the applicant’s internet provider.
Internet providerThe company name of the applicant’s internet provider.
Connection typeIndicates whether the connection is residential or business.
Risk scoreIndicates the risk score calculated by the system where 0 is safe and 1 is risky.
Risk levelLabels the detected IP address as safe (green), suspicious (yellow), or risky (red).
ProxyIndicates whether a proxy server is used and labels it as safe (green), suspicious (yellow), or risky (red).
VPNIndicates whether the VPN is used and labels it as safe (green), suspicious (yellow), or risky (red).
TORIndicates whether the detected IP address is tunneled through other devices and labels the connection as safe (green), suspicious (yellow), or risky (red).

Get started

To start using Advanced IP check:

  1. In the verification level settings, enable the IP insights checkbox.
  2. Verify your applicants using the WebSDK or MobileSDK.
  3. Review the verification results.



Advanced IP check is available at an additional cost. Contact us to learn more.

Review results

To view the verification results:

  1. Select a profile on the Applicants page.
  2. Navigate to the Checks section and review the extracted and checked data summary.