Assure in real-time the clarity and compatibility of applicant-submitted documents.

When a document is uploaded to Sumsub, it passes through a series of automated checks. One of these checks utilizes the optical character recognition (OCR) technology to detect the following:

  • All pages and sides of the document are uploaded.
  • Document number and name fields are present, clearly visible, and can be recognized.
  • Document image is not a screenshot.
  • Image has not been cropped.
  • Document is not considered expired or issued in the forbidden territory in accordance with the customer settings.
  • Document image has not been rejected during previous iterations.
  • Photo in the document contains the human face.
  • In case the fastfail check is not passed, the system notifies the applicant and sends a document resubmission request immediately after they upload the photo of the document.

Error rejection tags

Errors do not let applicants proceed with verification using the presented document.

forbiddenDocumentUnsupported or unacceptable type/country of the document.
differentDocTypeOrCountryDocument type or country do not match the ones specified by the applicant or recognized by the system.
missingImportantInfoSome of the required document data is missing or cannot be read.
dataNotReadableData on the image is missing or cannot be read.
expiredDocDocument is expired.
documentWayTooMuchOutsideSome parts of the document are cropped.
noIdDocFacePhotoFace is not clearly visible on the document.
selfieFaceBadQualityFace is not clearly visible on the selfie.
screenRecaptureProvided image might be a photo or a screenshot.
screenshotProvided image is a screenshot.
sameSidesImage of the same side of the document was uploaded as front and back sides.
shouldBeMrzDocumentProvided document type should have an MRZ, but there is no readable MRZ on the image.
shouldBeDoubleSidedSides of the document should be provided.
shouldBeDoublePagedFull double-page photo of the document (usually, two main passport pages) is required.
documentDeclinedBeforeSame image was uploaded earlier by the same applicant and declined by the system.
mrzNotReadableWe could not extract the MRZ code from the uploaded document. This may happen due to a variety of reasons, such as poor image quality or some corners of the document are missing, which may include the MRZ area.
docExpiresSoonThe submitted document is about to expire in N months. This is defined by the Minimum residual validity of ID document setting in the Dashboard.
missingDobThe document does not contain the owner's date of birth.
incompleteDobThe document does not contain the full date of birth (day, month, and year).

Warning rejection tags

Warnings let applicants proceed with verification after retaking the document photo and providing missing information.

badSelfieFace or the photo in the document is not clearly visible.
dataReadabilityInformation in the document cannot be read.
inconsistentDocumentUploaded photos do not belong to the same document.
maybeExpiredDocDocument may be expired.
documentTooMuchOutsideDocument is not fully in the frame.