Local Data Processing

Comply with regulatory requirements by storing your applicants' personal data accordingly.

The Local Data Processing (LDP) infrastructure allows for the storage and processing of your applicants' personal data and transactions in certain regions to comply with regulatory requirements.

Local Data Processing will handle everything at once:

  • Compliance with regulatory requirements regarding data storage and processing of the applicant data and transactions.
  • Seamless and automatic switching between domains of your regions.
  • Accessing all data related to analytics, statistics, and billing from any domain and region.

How it works

With Local Data Processing, your data will be stored and processed in the following way:

  • Applicant data, inspection, images, transactions, etc, will be stored locally in a particular region.
  • License keys, user accounts, company news, logo, and document examples will be available from all regions and stored in the central region.
  • Billing information will be prepared and stored in the central region, but all invoices will be available in all regions.

Using the regional environment will not require any additional actions on your part, such as manually navigating between different domains.

Available services

The following Sumsub solutions are available to use with Local Data Processing:

Supported regions

Currently, we are expanding the map to include more regions in the Local Data Processing solution. If you have a country to be added, contact your Customer Success Manager or via [email protected].

  • UAE
  • MEA (Middle East and Africa)
  • Singapore

Get started

To start using Local Data Processing, email us at [email protected] and proceed with the API, Web or Mobile SDK integration.



When generating Access Token, use the regional domain. For example, api.uae.sumsub.com. Further processing will be carried out in the region, which is guaranteed by our SDKs.