Live capture

Live capture is a method of providing identity document photos by taking them via a camera on the applicant's device. The photos can be taken from both mobile and desktop devices. This method is recommended to select as an additional one to the file upload.

How it works

The process of providing document identity photos via Live capture looks as follows:

  1. An applicant proceeds with verification and goes to the required step where document approval is needed.
  2. The system suggests preparing their identity documents to the applicant.
  3. The applicant takes a photo via the camera on their device.
  4. The documents get processed.

The Live capture method can be performed in different capture modes:

  • Both manual and auto capture work at the same time. Here, the system detects whether the document is in the right position and takes a photo.
  • Only manual capture is active. In this mode, the applicant presses the shutter button on their camera manually for taking a photo of their document.

Also, there are a few options for setting up availability of the file upload. The Fallback to file upload menu in the settings determines whether uploading of files will be:

  • Always available
  • Available only if camera capture failed
  • Not available



We recommend leaving the file upload option available for highest conversion rates.

Get started

Include Live capture in your verification process:

  1. Set up a verification level.
  2. Add Identity document as your required verification step.
  3. Choose document types to be uploaded by applicants.
  4. Select a capture method—Live capture.
  5. Click the blue button on the right to set up the Advanced DoCapture settings.
  6. In the drop-down menus, establish the Capture mode and Fallback to file upload.
  7. Set up the WebSDK and MobileSDK integration or use the Sumsub API.
  8. Conduct verification and handle verification results.



The verification level adjustments are needed for the WebSDK only. MobileSDK includes Live capture by default.

Review results

To check out the documents provided by your applicants and their statuses, follow the instructions given in this article.