Non-Doc Verification

Securely verify your users through databases without documents.

Sumsub supports a streamlined verification option where users don't need to submit any documents. They simply provide a document number, like a national ID or passport number, depending on the country. With just this information, we can verify user's identity and proof of address. This means we not only confirm who the users are but also where they reside, all without the hassle of document uploads. Even more, we automatically retrieve all the necessary data, like name, date of birth, address and even a selfie, from government databases.

This feature is a fantastic addition to our standard document-based KYC process. It streamlines the whole user journey, boosts pass rates and experiences trust for your business.

Users have the ability to choose the verification method that suits them best. If they prefer, they can still upload photos of their ID documents. And in case our databases are offline for any reason, we've got you covered with a fallback mechanism.

Supported use cases

Sumsub supports two types of case scenarios for the Non-Doc approach:

  • Identity Verification
  • Address Verification

Each scenario has different availability in terms of countries, requires different information from your user, has different coverage, and offers a distinct verification flow experience. Once you've integrated one scenario, you can add another with minimal changes to your integration.