1x1 and 2x2 Matching

Use recognized and secure sources to confirm user data.

To start verifying identity using 1x1 Matching and 2x2 Matching:

  1. Configure the WebSDK and MobileSDK integration or use the Sumsub API.
  2. Configure verification settings by reaching out to your Customer Success Manager or Support team.
  3. Create a verification level and add the Applicant data step.
  4. Include the required fields as specified in the table (Option 2).
  5. Submit the applicant data.
  6. Receive verification results.

Submit applicant data

To submit the applicant data:

  1. Create an applicant and in the levelName property, specify the verification level that you want to use. The verification level must contain the Applicant Data step.
  2. Provide the required information according to the table (Option 2).
  3. Request an applicant check to verify the personal details of the applicant according to the matching rules configuration.



The required fields and country code must be provided in the fixedInfo object as shown in the example below. The National ID number must be provided as the document number passed in the key property of the metadata array.

Example request:

curl -X POST  
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json'  
    -d '{  
            "externalUserId" : "someUniqueUserId",  
            "metadata": [  
                    "key": "documentNumber",  
                    "value": "12345678A"    // National ID number  
            "fixedInfo": {  
                "firstName": "John",    // First name  
                "lastName": "Doe",      // Last name  
                "dob": "1990-01-01",    // Date of birth  
                "country": "ESP",       // Country code in alpha-3 format  
                "phone": "+34 123 456 789",     // Phone number  
                "addresses": [  
                        "street": "C. Ramon J Sender",  // Street name  
                        "buildingNumber": "7A",         // Building number  
                        "town": "Cartagena",            // Town/city  
                        "state": "Murcia",              // State/province  
                        "postCode": "30204",            // Postal Code  
                        "country": "ESP"                // Country code in alpha-3 format  

Get verification results

Once the check is performed, you will receive a webhook with the verification status. In the webhook, pay attention to the reviewResult object indicating verification results:

  • If verification was completed successfully, the reviewAnswer field will be set to GREEN.
  • If the check fails, the reviewAnswer field will be set to RED and reviewRejectType will be set to RETRY.