Workflow builder

Learn how to automate verification flows with code-free workflow builder.

Workflow Builder is a comprehensive orchestration tool for building visual flows for user and business verification. It simplifies and speeds up the process of creating custom verification logic, allowing you to work with clients from multiple countries, staying compliant and keeping conversion high.

With this tool, you can:

Easily tailor and run user onboarding flows with our intuitive no-code engine in the Dashboard.

How it works

The entire visualization is based on a set of nodes that are placed upon the canvas and tied up among each other in the right sequence. Setting the order allows you to build multifaceted flows with no-code.

You can build flows consisting of the following nodes:

Level step nodeAutomatically switch between different verification levels based on specific scenarios and events, such as different countries, risk levels, email or phone scoring, and many more.
Conditional nodeDefine conditions to determine when particular verification levels should be triggered.
Action nodeAutomatically assign applicants a risk level, apply tags, and add notes based on specific conditions.
Terminal stepConfigure rules to automatically block applicants or assign them for manual review.



  • You can manage verification flows on your own or request a ready-made flow setup by contacting your Customer Success Manager or our support team. Once configured, the established flow with adjusted settings becomes available in the Dashboard and is ready for use.
  • Verification level steps that include Selfie with a document, Web camera photo, or Video ident will be run on WebSDK 1.0 regardless of the selected SDK version.
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