Configure AML screening

Screen your applicants against AML databases and a blocklist of 1,000,000+ known fraudsters.

To set up the AML screening process:

  1. Open the AML Screening settings and choose a provider that you want to use for AML screening. If the provider is locked, enter your credentials, as described in Comply advantage and World-check one
  2. Select a search configuration. You can search by warning types or by providing a search profile identifier:
    • When searching by warning types, specify the categories of PEPs for which you want to screen your applicants and add the associated types of adverse media.
    • When searching by custom search profiles, enter a profile identifier. To search for profiles from your Comply Advantage key, make sure to provide the key, as described in this article.
  3. Configure name matching criteria.
  4. Enable Ongoing AML Monitoring to be informed on any changes in sanctions and watchlists concerning your applicants.
  5. Enable auto-screening for AML to monitor applicant profiles for one year after the initial check has been completed. If an issue is detected, the applicant will be rejected. You can also instruct the system to automatically assign applicants to compliance officers for a manual review and monitor applicants for an unlimited period of time.
  6. Save your changes.



To enable Ongoing AML Monitoring, contact your Customer Success Manager.