Short video fragment

Verify applicant identities with facial biometric and voice checks.

Short Video Fragment is a check that allows you to verify the applicant identity via a short and comfortable procedure.

The technology used to analyze the recorded video fragments involves facial biometric and voice checks.

With this technology, you will be able to protect yourself against spoofing and presentation attacks, while keeping the number of drop-offs as low as possible.

How it works

During the short video fragment check, applicants are asked to place their face within the frame, press the record button, and pronounce the three digits that appear on the screen. Then, the system processes the data and comes up with the results.

Short video fragment via embedded mobile SDK.

Get started

Perform Short Video Fragment verification via Sumsub’s SDK that takes care of every stage included in the process:

  1. Configure the WebSDK and/or MobileSDK integration.
  2. Create a verification level and add a Selfie step with the Short video fragment type.
  3. Review verification results.

Review verification results

To review the verification results:

  1. Open the Applicants page and select an applicant who passed the short video fragment check.
  2. In the profile, navigate to the Selfie section and review the results.

Prevent unauthorized applicant activities

Use Short Video Fragment as an applicant action for recurring verification:

  1. Configure the WebSDK and/or MobileSDK integration.
  2. Create a verification level and from the Type drop-down list, select Applicant actions.
  3. From the Action type drop-down list, select Additional verification.
  4. Add Short video fragment as a Selfie type.
  5. Set up integration.
  6. Review the action data by opening the applicant profile and navigating to the Actions section.