Verify PoA documents

Verify the proof of address effectively.

Start address verification with the default settings or configure individual verification to meet your particular business needs:

  1. Configure PoA verification settings as required.
  2. Create a verification level.
    1. Add and configure the identity verification step.
    2. Add the Proof of address step and select the fields from which to extract the data.
    3. Select a preset.
  3. Configure the WebSDK and/or MobileSDK integration or use the Sumsub API.
  4. Conduct verification and handle verification results.

Create robust flows in Workflow builder

Sumsub provides the option to create a custom verification logic to keep verification simple.

The example below is a demonstration of an automated verification processes that can streamline the work of your compliance officers.

For example, you want to flag applicants from the risky regions with a specific tag:

  1. Start using Workflow builder.
  2. Select a verification level that will be associated with PoA verification.
  3. Proceed to the Condition node and leave the review decision blank, as the rejection or approval will not be based on the PoA country.
  4. Select the fields to be checked. As you want to tag the applicants from the high-risk countries, you should set your condition as follows: IF Field: -> is in -> Field: clientLists.risk_countries. If you have not created any client lists yet, you can add the countries manually by selecting them from the drop-down list.
  5. Select Action as the next step.
  6. Select Applicant Tags and choose a tag. For example, High-risk.
  7. Proceed with setting up all the branches of your flow and publish it when done.