Ongoing document monitoring

Track document expiration dates to automatically reject applicants whose documents are no longer valid.

How it works

To make sure the submitted documents are valid:

  • Once a day, the system looks for applicants that have an active identity document containing a suitable validity date. The validity date might be less than or equal to the present day, or the present day value minus the number of days specified in the settings. Such applicants are assigned the Pending status and their documents are rechecked for validity. If the documents are expired, applicants receive the Rejected status.
  • Upon rejection, an applicant gets a Resubmission requested status.
  • Once the new documents are uploaded, the applicant will be verified again and get the corresponding verification status.

Set up ongoing monitoring rules

Configure ongoing document monitoring to make sure your applicants submit active documents:

  1. Open User verification settings.
  2. Select whether to request a new ID document and/or bank card details when they expire or specify the number of days before the expiration date to make a request.
  3. Save your changes.