Use rules to change applicant levels based on applicant actions

Use applicant actions to change verification levels accordingly.

As part of enhanced due diligence, you might want to ask your customers to perform a specific action based on transaction data.

For this purpose, you can create KYT rules that request your applicants to perform certain actions. For example, to pass a Liveness check based on the applicants' activity by changing the applicant level or asking applicants that reach a specific deposit amount threshold to pass a selfie check or provide proof of funds.

When creating such rules, you must remember that the results of the required actions need to be checked before the transaction status is updated.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a rule that will be a catalyst to trigger the level change.
  2. Specify the rule condition and transaction type to trigger the rule.
  3. In the Affect applicant section, select Change level and choose the level.

Once the rule is triggered, it will change the level as you selected and set the transaction status to Awaiting User. This will stop scoring until the user completes the flow at the new level.

As you change the level to the applicant action, you will need to create two more rules to be triggered when the action is performed to initiate the transaction status change:

  1. Create one more rule as described above and enable the Stop on match checkbox for both.
  2. Configure the rule condition as follows: If -> Field ->> equals -> Value -> GREEN.
  3. Create another rule rejecting the transaction if the applicant action review answer is RED.