Handle identity verification results

Analyze Non-Doc Verification data to clarify rejection and approval reasons.

Once the check is performed, you will receive a webhook with the verification status:

  • The reviewResult object contains extra information about verification.
  • The reviewAnswer field contains the final verification result, displaying the GREEN or RED status:
    • GREEN — the applicant has passed Non-Doc Verification and their data has been successfully obtained from the government database.
    • RED — the applicant has not passed verification; the reviewRejectType is set to RETRY or FINAL.

The possible reasons of the RED status are:

  • Low face match score.
  • Lack of information on the applicant (i.e. personal data, selfie) in the database.

Get applicant data

To get a structured view of the applicant data, use this API method with the type parameter set to E_KYC_CHECK.

curl --request GET \
     --url 'https://api.sumsub.com/resources/checks/latest?type=E_KYC_CHECK&applicantId=65c607aa36997b590dcdf127' \

Check for obtained data

Make sure that you have received all necessary information after Non-Doc Verification is complete. The name and date of birth are the basic fields that are always present in the response from the database.

In some cases, however, some additional information may not be available, for example, the address in Brazil might be missing.

In such cases, you can perform an additional check to collect the missing data:

  1. Use Workflow Builder to request an additional document if some data is missing. For example, request a proof of address document if the address is missing.
  2. Request a new access token for a different level which contains additional steps. For example, you can collect additional data using a questionnaire.

Clarify rejection reason

For every rejection reason, we have a particular buttonId attached to the applicant or photo. To get a list of rejection reasons based on the applicant ID, use this API method.

Rejection typeValueRejection reason
FINALfraudulentPatterns_selfieMismatchThe selfie submitted by the applicant and the selfie from the government database do not match.
FINALekycReject_notEnoughDataInSourceThere is no data nor selfie in the government database.
FINALekycReject_dataMismatchThe selfie and data submitted by the applicant and the information on this applicant from the database do not match or data found in the database has some issues.
FINALekycReject_skipAn applicant skips the e-KYC step (SDK only).
RETRYselfie_selfieLivenessAn issue related to Liveness & Face match occurred.
RETRYselfie_badFaceComparisonPoor face comparison.
RETRYekycRetry_checkUnavailableThe government database is currently unavailable. We couldn't verify the user data with this method.


Did you know?

When applicants skip or fail Non-Doc Verification, they can be moved to another flow for passing verification using documents.