Join Sumsub VASP list

Connect and exchange information about VASPs within a secure environment.

Sumsub has built an ecosystem that helps VASPs carry out counterparty VASP verification, which is required under the FATF and national legislation, and facilitates Travel Rule data sharing.

The Sumsub Travel Rule Ecosystem is a community of VASPs (Sumsub Clients, its Partners Clients, or Client’s counterparties) that have successfully passed the VASP Due Diligence process and purported to facilitate sharing data related to VA Transactions between VASPs and carry out identification and verification of counterparty VASPs to comply with the Travel Rule requirements.

How to join the ecosystem

A company can become a participant of the Travel Rule Ecosystem by one of the following means:

  • The company accepts the Travel Rule Ecosystem Agreement and initiates the VASP Due Diligence process via the Dashboard by marking the respective checkbox.
  • The company accepts the Travel Rule Agreement as described in the Travel Rule Ecosystem Agreement.
  • The company concludes a Service Provider Agreement (SPA) that includes Sumsub Travel Rule Solution as a service, so long as the SPA contains a reference to the Travel Rule Ecosystem Agreement.

Benefits for the ecosystem members

Depending on the selected participation level and scenario, the participant will receive all or part of the following benefits.

  • Access to information about other participants in the ecosystem.
  • Increased credibility among VASPs transacting on behalf of their customers.
  • Little risk of reduced volumes of transactions due to uncertainty about your VASP from counterparty VASPs required to comply with Travel Rule.
  • Familiarisation for your compliance teams about Travel Rule processes, nuances and operations even if you don’t have to comply yet.
  • Visibility from Sumsub in co-marketing efforts or joint activities in the cryptocurrency space.
  • Exchanging transaction data with other Participants via the Dashboard and integrated messaging protocols.
  • Access to various additional materials and documentation, including technical documentation, White Papers, manuals, descriptions, instructions, legal research, etc.
  • Special invitations to events, webinars, and other activities related to the crypto industry and dedicated areas.
  • Access to marketing materials and news in compliance via direct links, email sendouts, and other channels.
  • Product testing opportunities (if available).