Be at the helm of your verification journey and start conducting checks according to the convenient plan.

Use the Sumsub Self-service automated solution for covering the basic user verification needs right away and simplify all related processes.

Self-service is carefully developed for cases where is no need to build a complex verification scheme and handle with a big number of users at once, so we consider all the weak points and implement the most effective automation tools.

When getting started with Self-Service, you will be ready to verify your users with minimum efforts:

  • Explore the services via the 14-days trial period including 50 free checks
  • Activate new features right in the Dashboard
  • Select the most suitable plan meeting your needs
  • Pay with the added bank card once in a month
  • Get the automated invoices

How it works

To verify your users, you will need to choose a plan, provide the required information on your company and billing details, and set up a verification logic.

Once done, you will have access to the Dashboard, a pack of services included in your plan, and a chance to conduct checks immediately. Depending on the selected option, there will be solutions for user verification available for you:

There are Production and Sandbox modes in the Dashboard for both testing verification and conducting real checks accompanied by the system decision.

Get started

Get started with Self-service by setting up your account and going live. The setup procedure allows you to activate a free trial; the first 50 real checks are free of charge.

Set up your account

Provide account and billing information as follows:

  1. Log in to the Dashboard.
  2. Click Activate free trial in the header or banner on the main page.
  3. Check out the Pricing plans and click Start free trial.
  4. Fill in the Billing contact, Bank card details, and Company information forms.
  5. Click Activate free trial.

Go live

Configure the front-end integration and adjust your verification flow:

  1. Generate an app token and configure WebSDK and MobileSDK integration.
  2. Set up verification levels and customizations.
  3. Adjust global settings to customize the main metrics of your verification process and indicate supported ID documents.
  4. Create webhooks to receive verification results. The results are sent to you in the form of a user status with explanatory comments.
  5. Generate a verification link that can be sent directly to your applicants or add a QR code to your website.
  6. Customize widget translations.
  7. Conduct verification and handle verification results.

Work with applicants

When checks are done, you can select applicants for review, manage verification results, and interpret them according to the rejection tags.

Activate trial period

Sumsub free trial is a 14-day period giving you the opportunity to obtain the first usage experience and try out our product features before making a purchase.

The free trial includes the following:

  • Full access to the Production functionality, all plans, and the ability to switch between them at any time.
  • Free 50 checks. Only completed checks are taken into account when applicants upload documents and get the final decision.



You will be charged while using the extra services of your plan. Find them in pricing marked with a + $ sign.

Get free trial

To get the free trial period, set up your account according to the steps provided in the Get started section.

Free trial expiration

On the 14th day or after performing all 50 checks, you will be notified by email that your trial period expires. Once the trial ends, you will be switched to the Production mode and charged for the services included in your plan.



After moving to production mode, you will have the last selected plan and extra services, if any.

Cancel trial

To cancel the trial period, follow the steps of canceling the plan.


Mind the following when canceling the trial period:

  • You will not be charged for anything, except using extra services.
  • The trial period will be canceled immediately; you will not be able to perform checks hereafter.

Understand your bill

Normally, you will be charged for your plan and services on the first of the month. However, if your subscription begins on May 14th, the first payment will only be taken for the period between May 14th and May 31th. After that, you will be charged on the first day of each following month.

Note that if your payment fails, you will be switched to the Sandbox mode. We will be trying to withdraw money from your account until the 5th of the month inclusive. If no result, there will be only test checks available on your account. To switch your access to the Production mode again, contact [email protected].



All taxes are VAT exclusive and will be applied accordingly, depending on where your company is registered. Tax rates vary from country to country and are subject to change. For UK-based companies, taxes are always applied.

What checks will I be charged for?

You will only have to pay for completed checks. Therefore, you will not be charged for instances when applicants upload documents but do not proceed with verification.

What is commitment?

The commitment is a minimum amount that you pay each month. Once you exceed this amount, you will be charged for all additional checks.

The commitment also includes key features of a certain plan. Check out verification solutions included in the plans.