Sandbox and Production mode

Use sandbox mode to test your Sumsub integration before going live.

In the Dashboard, there are two modes available:

  • Sandboх. Test mode where you can test our platform in an isolated manner without being charged. Sandbox lets you access most of the Sumsub functionality, so that you can:
  • Production. Production mode for performing real checks where applicants are approved and declined by the system. While in this mode, you are charged accordingly for each of your checks.


Sandbox limitations:

  • No real checks are performed.
  • Billing information is not available.

Switch between production and sandbox modes

You can switch between the production and sandbox modes directly from the Dashboard using the toggle located in the upper-right corner.



  • You can switch between Sandbox and Production modes if you are trialing or already have full access to production (that is, when you go with a subscription plan or as an enterprise customer).
  • Once your trial period is over, your access will be limited to Sandbox mode only.
  • [Applicable only to self-service clients] If you use Sandbox as part of your subscription or if you are trialing Sumsub with the card details attached, you will be automatically moved to Production mode post trial.