An applicant is a physical person or legal entity that is being verified.

Applicants are created automatically when they pass verification in WebSDK or MobileSDK. To see the list of applicants, go to the Applicants page in the Dashboard and choose between Individuals and Companies.

You can also create applicants manually with any of the following methods:

Create applicant profiles

To create a new applicant manually:

  1. Go to the Applicants page and, depending on whether you want to create a profile for a physical person or company, select Individuals or Companies, respectively.
  2. Click New applicant or New company.
  3. Select a verification level for the applicant to pass.
  4. Click Generate WebSDK applicant link to generate a permalink and send it to the applicant, or select Create applicant manually and provide information about your applicant.



Lifetime of a link created this way is 30 minutes.

Configure applicant settings

To configure general applicant settings:

  1. Go to the Applicant settings tab.
  2. Provide an email address of your technical support department that your applicants can use in case of rejection.
  3. Set the file size that can be uploaded to the WebSDK or on the applicant page in the Dashboard.
  4. Choose the order in which applicant names should appear in the profile and lists.
  5. Select a source from which applicant names should be taken.
  6. Save your changes.

Export applicant list

You can export the list of applicants as a CSV file. Such a file contains extended information on each of your applicants, such as, for example, the creation date, last review date, reject type, reject level, and so on.

To export the list, click CSV export in the upper-right corner of the Individuals and Companies pages.



  • CSV export is available only if your Dashboard account has been granted appropriate privileges.
  • A short delay is possible during the export session, especially when you have large applicant lists; make sure to wait until the CSV file is fully compiled and downloaded. The export is guaranteed if the number of applicant records in the list does not exceed 1000. If you experience trouble downloading the file, try to limit the number of applicant records by applying filters.
  • You cannot sort certain columns for a CSV file prior to exporting. If selective data is required, contact our support team.