Find out the benefits of the Sumsub WebSDK and start using it right away.

The easiest way to get started with our solution is by using our WebSDK. We have put a lot of effort into improving the conversion rate of your users and have thought about even the little details that make a big difference.

Apart from orchestrating the entire verification process in a user-friendly interface that will handle all the stages—from uploading the data to processing it and coming up with the results—the WebSDK allows you to:

  • Customize colors and styles to visualize your verification flows exactly as you want them to be for your applicants. The design is also adaptive and mobile friendly, so it is easy to use it on any device, especially with the WebSDK 2.0.
  • Use Liveness & Face match to improve conversion rates and minimizes fraud.
  • Guide your applicants through verification using hints and suggestions available at each verification step.
  • Let your applicants continue passing verification on mobile devices at any step, e.g. when they need to take a picture of the document or pass liveness check.

The following is a comparison table between the WebSDK and WebSDK 2.0:

Area of application WebSDK WebSDK 2.0


  • The UI is intended more for desktop platforms. In some cases, accessibility may not be at its best for users passing verification on mobile devices due to small controls.
  • The WebSDK does not always follow the accessibility guidelines, such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • The UI is tailored to be comfortably used both on desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Provides mobile-friendly layouts and controls.
  • Accessibility is improved — larger and higher contrasting elements are used.
  • Comes with the fresh design aesthetics, offering your users a modern look and feel.


  • Requires developers expertise; non-developers may find it challenging to make visual adjustments.
  • Only basic customizations are available out of the box. To change the visual part, you need to be an expert to create and add CSS code.
  • A complete no-code solution coming with a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to change the visual part instantly.
  • You can switch between light and dark themes with just a couple of clicks.
  • A greater level of autonomy and quicker design iterations with no need to be a frontend developer to make adjustments to the UI appearance.


  • The WebSDK may not provide comprehensive hints and examples in certain cases.
  • Some verification steps could potentially be ambiguous or unclear for the process relies more on intuition.
  • With the WebSDK 2.0, your appliants always have a clear understanding as to what actions to take to get verified quickly.
  • Every step of the verification procedure is accompanied by examples and hints.
  • The visual guide explains permissible and impermissible actions, and thus ensures a smoother and more informed user experience.