Communicate with your applicants via SMS with Twilio.

Twilio is an SMS provider responsible for sending SMS with verification links to your applicants. By default, we send SMS using our personal Twilio account.

To use a Twilio account of your own:

  1. In the Dashboard, go to the Twilio page.

  2. Submit your credentials:

    • Sid — a string identifier (SID) which acts as a username of your Twilio account.
    • Auth token — a unique key which acts as a password to your Twilio account.
    • Twilio phone number — a phone number generated in your Twilio account to send verification links from.
  3. Click Save.



  • Make sure that target regions are enabled in your Twilio account.
  • SMS messages are only delivered via a digital channel, and not directly from Sumsub. We send SMS notifications via Twilio and SMSapi. All countries are available and dynamically distributed between these two providers, so there is no separate list of preset countries for each of them.