Applicant statuses

Learn about verification statuses.

Find out about the applicant statuses, learn what they mean and how they may affect the verification process.



Documents requested

An applicant has been created and must upload all the documents according to the verification steps. When done, they will be automatically sent to verification and the profile gets the Pending status.

Usually, your applicants have this status only in the beginning once they go to verification. However, in case of reset, the applicants may get the Documents requested status again.

Also, this status might be shown If the applicant has not provided some of the documents yet.


An applicant has provided all the necessary data and is being moved to the verification processing.


An applicant and all the provided data are being processed.


An applicant has successfully passed all verification checks.

Resubmission requested

An applicant has not passed some verification checks and was rejected with a temporary rejection label. The applicant can go through the failed verification steps again.


An applicant has not passed some verification checks and was rejected with a final rejection label. Such applicants are not allowed to try again.

Requires action

The Requires action status may occur due to the multiple reasons:

  • You start a manual check and assign an applicant profile to one of your officers.

  • The applicant profile awaits for your final decision after underpassing all required checks.



Do not perform any actions with applicant profiles that have Pending or Processing statuses.