March 2024

An upgraded comprehensive Fraud Prevention Solution is now live! We have also added the ability to validate the applicant data in Mexico via CURP. Furthermore, we have extended our Transaction Monitoring solution with Chainalysis that allows you to screen for risky addresses at a more precise level.

February 2024

In this release, we have updated AML Cases queues, TM rule bundles, and Dry Run rules in Transaction Monitoring. We have also added a new applicant status that can be used as a condition in the Workflow Builder.

January 2024

In this release, we have added support for the Turkish language to the WebSDK and enhanced the Dashboard usability for clients with multiple client IDs.

December 2023

In this release, we have delivered new risk signals on the Crypto transaction page and added support for new cryptocurrencies. We have also released Global Database Verification — instant, doc-free checks for address, identity, and age Verification in 45+ countries. The Dashboard charts have been improved and Nigeria Business verification is now available through CAC.

November 2023

In this release, we have added support for the Chinese language in the Dashboard, rolled out a new solution tailored to the iGaming industry, extended Non-Doc verification and database cross-check country list and methods, and added support for CIPC in South Africa for Business Verification.

October 2023

In this month, we've implemented the new verification methods for Nigeria, Columbia, and USA. From now, our Non-Doc Verification can be alternatively added to the stage of document selection. We've also taken care of reducing potential risks by improving Applicant Risk Score.

September 2023

In this release, we have added the ability to use Residence Permit and UAE IDs as a basis for verification through government databases, Non-Doc verification for the UK now requires only online banking credentials and device authentication, Transaction Monitoring introduces a new UI for rules, and many more.

August 2023

In this release, we have added support for Non-Doc Verification in the UK, new Dashboard permissions to manage applicant profiles, new Transaction monitoring rules and expressions, and many more.

July 2023

Check out the latest updates on a crucial address verification revamp, conduct the Non-doc check in Netherlands, and calculate a potential level of the threat during the onboarding stage.

June 2023

Meet the redesigned Global Settings Menu, newly delivered rejection labels, and recently added countries available for non-document verification.