Video identification

Streamline customer onboarding and enhance security with seamless video identification solutions.

Video identification helps you confirm the identity of your applicants in a live video interview with an identification operator who can be provided by Sumsub or by your company; 3 minutes, 2 people, 1 result. No more barriers between new clients and your business. Reach the perfect balance between full compliance, onboarding speed, and fraud prevention.

Our friendly operators have experience in 100+ jurisdictions and will conduct all the necessary onboarding steps. This includes onboarding the user and verifying submitted documents for authenticity. We will also keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

You can customize optional verification steps and their order as well. We speak English and German and are available for your video KYC needs 24/7/365.

Simply put, when using video identification, you get all in one:

  • Risk-based approach
  • Due diligence guidelines
  • Considerate interview scripts
  • Skilled operators
  • Automated reporting
Video identification via embedded Sumsub SDKs.

How it works

Video identification includes verification steps that may differ, depending on your level configuration, but usually include a questionnaire, ID verification checks, and selfies.

To perform video identification, set up a verification level or contact your Customer Success Manager or Sumsub Support team for assistance.

The video identification procedure can be divided into data collection and data validation stages.

Data Collection

Performing data collection and managing verification are the operators responsibilities, including the fact whether the provided documents are complete and readable.

Data collection consists of the following steps:

  1. Starting a call. An applicant and operator join the call and both see the steps of the identification process.
  2. Getting ready for verification. The operator ensures that the applicant is a live person and receives consent from the applicant for verification and data processing.
  3. Conducting verification. The operator asks questions, requests documents, and takes snapshots while documents are provided. Sometimes documents can be uploaded by the applicant.
  4. Saving the results. The operator ensures the document image meets the requirements and saves the data.
  5. Taking a selfie. The operator asks the applicant to get prepared and take a selfie.
  6. Performing additional checks. For example, the operator asks the applicant to pass TAN verification.
  7. Completing the call. The operator finalizes the call and submits the data for validation.

Data Validation

Data validation is performed by the operator who checks the submitted data and assigns the final status to the application.


To get verified with the video identification, applicants must have the following:

  • An identity document, such as the passport, driving license, ID card, or a residence permit, depending on the client requirements.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Computer with Windows 7, 8, 10 or OS X 10, or a mobile device with a web browser.
  • Working webcam and microphone.
  • Google Chrome (version 51 or later) or Mozilla Firefox (version 47 or later) web browser.

Unsuccessful video identification

The following scenarios are examples of unsuccessful video verification:

  1. Applicant has intentionally submitted data that does not correspond to the data in their identity document, or does not coincide with the data obtained via other procedures.
  2. Video call session expires or is interrupted (the session expires when the applicant has not completed any activities in the Sumsub system in 15 minutes).
  3. Applicant refuses to comply with the expert instructions.
  4. Applicant employs the assistance of another person without the expert permission.
  5. Suspicion of money laundering or terrorist financing arises.

If any of the scenarios above occur during the verification process, Sumsub will reject the application.

TAN verification

A transaction authentication number is a one-time code that provides an additional layer of security. TAN Verification is only required for Germany-based companies. For such cases, the Video Identification procedure can only be considered complete, once the applicant successfully passes TAN verification.

TAN verification consists of the following steps:

  1. Applicants provide their phone number.
  2. The operator asks the applicant to enter the received confirmation code.
  3. The applicant enters the code.
  4. The system checks the entered code and the results appear on the screen.

Get started

Use video identification to confirm your applicants’ identity and ensure security and compliance with the regulators demands:

  1. Configure the WebSDK and/or MobileSDK integration to perform video identification checks in a user-friendly environment that will handle all stages from uploading the data to processing it and coming up with the results.
  2. Create a verification level and add Video ident as a verification option. Contact your Customer Success Manager or Sumsub Support team if you need any assistance or if the Video Ident option is not available in your subscription.
  3. Create multifaceted flows no-code using the Workflow builder to guide the applicant through verification.
  4. Review verification results.

Review verification results

To review the verification results:

  1. Open the Applicants page and select an applicant who passed video identification.
  2. In the profile, scroll down to the Video Ident Control Panel section.

Alternatively, use the following API methods: