Get video call data

Returns the video call results.


Use this method to get the results of the video call and the call identifier.

For more information about Video identification, refer to this article.

Response explained

The response is a JSON file that includes the Video Ident data.

idStringInspection ID.
videoIdentDataObjectIncludes the video call data and the Video Ident step status.

videoIdentData attributes

The following table explains the attributes of the videoIdentData object.

reviewStatusStringIndicates the current status of the Video Ident step.
moderatorDisplayNameStringVideo Call operator name.
compositionsArray of objectsIncludes the objects representing the data about each video call.

compositions element fields

The following table explains the element fields of the compositions object which represent the data about each video call.

compositionCreatedAtDateDate and time when the video call started.
compositionDurationIntegerVideo call duration in seconds.
compositionMediaIdStringUnique identifier of the Video Call.

Example response

  "id": "5e9412223cc1813b4db0b0e4",
  "videoIdentData": {
    "reviewStatus": "completed",
    "moderatorDisplayName": "John Doe",
    "compositions": [
        "compositionCreatedAt": "2022-07-26 09:02:53",
        "compositionDuration": 1868,
        "compositionMediaId": "62dfae546cef4a0001079b37"
        "compositionCreatedAt": "2022-07-27 07:53:31",
        "compositionDuration": 1868,
        "compositionMediaId": "62e0ef8d7ff76f000176aeb1"
        "compositionCreatedAt": "2022-07-29 07:21:19",
        "compositionDuration": 540,
        "compositionMediaId": "62e38aa5fd6916000172dc23"
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