Submit applicant data

Sends applicant data for no-document verification.


Use this method to initiate a Non-Doc verification based on the provided applicant data.

Response explained

The following is a response example.

statusStringNoThe status of the verification flow. Possible statuses: completed — submission completed, skipped — object representing transaction review result, confirmationRequired — submission needs approval. See confirmationType, rejected — submission was rejected.
confirmationTypeStringYesConfirmation type. Possible values: otp — Submission should be confirmed via OTP code, oAuth — Applicant should be directed to external service to proceed submission.
confirmationIdStringYesConfirmation ID.
confirmationStatusStringYesStatus of the confirmation flow.
otpConfirmationObjectYesDetails for OTP confirmation if confirmationType is otp.



Access to applicant data from some providers need to be confirmed by the applicant. In that case, status will be set to confirmationRequired and confirmationStatus to created. The confirmation type will be provided in the confirmationType field. For details on how to confirm submission, see Confirm applicant data.

For example, for an Indian AADHAAR, the applicant receives an SMS with the OTP code on the phone number that is linked to that particular AADHAAR. The applicant should then provide the code to confirm access.

otpConfirmation attributes

codeLengthNumberOTP code length.

oAuthConfirmation attributes

urlStringExternal auth URL where applicant should be directed to pass authentication.
redirectUrlStringFinal URL address where auth page will be redirected after applicant finish the journey.


Mind the following:

  • Applicants should be redirected to the url where they can authenticate the external source. At the end of the auth journey, applicants will be redirected to the completeUrl consisting of redirectUrl enriched with queryParams with the auth result.
  • If url was opened in the child window, postMessage: {type: "ekycOauth", completeUrl: "<completeUrl>"} will be sent.
  • Several redirects can be performed during the auth flow. To detect the completion of the journey, redirect to the redirectUrl or subscribe to postMessages.
  • To complete the Non-Doc oAuth flow, pass the final full url as completeUrl to Confirm applicant data.
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