API health


Use this method to check the operational status of the API.



You can also check our uptime history and the current service status on the Sumsub Status page.


On API errors, we return standard HTTP status codes.



  • We have a limit for the API requests that you can send. If there are too many requests from you, we will return a status code 429. Notify our team if you have to make a vast amount of requests during a particular time frame.
  • If you still don't understand what the issue is, contact us with the correlationId provided.

The response body contains a JSON payload with additional information.

  "description": "Error analyzing file, unsupported format or corrupted file",
  "code": 400,
  "correlationId": "req-5fd59b09-7f5e-41cd-a86b-38a4e6d57e08",
  "errorCode": 1004, // may be absent
  "errorName": "corrupted-file" // may be absent
descriptionStringNoError description.
codeIntegerNoHTTP status code.
correlationIdStringNoIdentifies the error. You can send this ID to us, if the cause of the problem is still unclear.
errorCodeIntegerYesError code. May not be present for some errors.
errorNameStringYesString representation of the error. Displayed when errorCode is present.

Error codes



Not all error responses will contain error code and name. More and more errors will get their codes in the future.

1000duplicate-documentDuplicate document (image, video) was uploaded. Exact equality is taken into account.
1001too-many-documentsApplicant contains too many documents. Adding new is not allowed.
1002file-too-bigUploaded file is too big (more than 64MB).
1003empty-fileUploaded file is empty (0 bytes).
1004corrupted-fileFile is corrupted or of incorrect format (e.g. PDF file is uploaded as JPEG).
1005unsupported-file-formatUnsupported file format (e.g. a TIFF image).
1006no-upload-verification-in-progressApplicant is being checked. Adding new data is not allowed.
1007incorrect-file-sizeThe file size must meet the file upload requirements specified in the global settings.
1008applicant-marked-as-deletedApplicant is marked as deleted/inactive. No action is allowed to change the status.
1009applicant-with-final-rejectApplicant is rejected with the FINAL rejection type. Adding new data/files is not allowed.
1010doc-type-not-in-req-docsAttempt to upload the document outside of the applicant level set/set of required documents.
3000applicant-is-already-in-the-stateAttempt to change the status of the applicant against the logic β€” the applicant is already in the required state.
4000app-token-invalid-formatInvalid format of the X-App-Token value.
4001app-token-not-foundApp token does not exist (e.g. test env. token used on production).
4002app-token-private-part-mismatchPrivate part of the token (after dot) does not match public part.
4003app-token-signature mismatchSignature encoded value does not match the request content.
4004app-token-request-expiredX-App-Access-Ts does not match the number of seconds since Unix Epoch in UTC.
4005app-token-invalid-valueInvalid authentication header values were provided.
4006app-token-not-all-auth-params-providedNot all required authorization headers were provided.
4007app-token-invalid-paramsInvalid authentication parameters were provided.
5000applicant-already-blacklistedAttempt to blocklist the applicant that is already blocklisted.
5001applicant-already-whitelistedAttempt to whitelist the applicant that is already whitelisted.
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