Get applicant data

Returns applicant information.


Use this method to get information about the created applicant.



  • Some data is shown only if it was recognized from the documents or provided by the applicant.
  • To make sure you have fetched the data from a relevant document, you can get what idDocType and country was approved using this method.



If the applicant ID is unknown to you, use the Get applicant data (externalUserId) method.

Response explained

idStringA unique applicant identification number.
inspectionIdStringInspection ID.
externalUserIdStringAn applicant ID on your side.
sourceKeyStringA source key that helps you group clients that send applicants.
emailStringAn applicant email address.
phoneStringAn applicant phone number.
ipCountryStringThe country IP address.
langStringThe language, in which the verification results should be displayed to applicants.
metadataArray of objectsAdditional information not displayed to the end-user. For example: [{"key": "keyFromClient", "value": "valueFromClient"}].
fixedInfoObjectContains information submitted by the applicant via Web or Mobile SDK or by you via this API method. Used to compare the data that you provide to us with that we extract from the applicant documents.
createdAtDateTime and date when the applicant was created.
requiredIdDocsObjectAn object that describes a set of required documents and data for the applicant to upload and pass verification.
reviewObjectAn object that describes the current applicant status.
riskLabelsObjectAn object that describes risk labels.
questionnairesArray of objectsContains data about the questionnaire.
tagsArray of objectsContains data about the tags assigned to an applicant :[ "Low risk", "comply" ], etc.

fixedInfo and info attributes

firstNameStringFirst applicant name.
lastNameStringLast applicant name.
middleNameStringMiddle applicant name.
firstNameEnStringAutomatic transliteration of the first applicant name.
lastNameEnStringAutomatic transliteration of the last applicant name.
middleNameEnStringAutomatic transliteration of the middle applicant name.
legalNameStringLegal name.
genderStringApplicant gender (M or F).
dobStringDate of birth (format YYYY-mm-dd, e.g. 2001-09-25).
placeOfBirthStringPlace of birth.
countryStringAlpha-3 country code (e.g. DEU or GBR).
nationalityStringAlpha-3 country code.
addressesArray of objectsList of applicant addresses.
idDocsArray of objectsContains information extracted from the applicant documents.

address element fields

countryStringAlpha-3 country code.
postCodeStringPostal code.
townStringTown or city name.
streetStringStreet name.
subStreetStringAdditional street information.
stateStringState name if applicable.
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