Create applicant

Creates an applicant.


Use this method to create a new applicant.

Each applicant may have several ID documents (as well as additional photos of different documents) attached, such as, for example, an ID card or a passport.

When creating a new applicant, you do not have to send us pre-filled applicant data, such as the applicant name, DOB, address, and so on. You only need to send us images and get the recognized document data by using this method. It is the best way to increase your conversion because rejects of mismatches in names and typos will be excluded.



If you have requirements to perform data cross-validation and have no possibility to do it on your side, use the fixedInfo object to fill data like names, date of birth, and address.



Make sure to save an applicant ID upon creating an applicant — you may need this for future requests.

Applicant life-cycle

The following is a typical applicant life-cycle:

  1. When you create an applicant, they receive the init status.
  2. After uploading all required documents, the status changes to pending.
  3. The client must then let us know that the applicant is ready to be reviewed.
  4. After the verification process is complete, the applicant status changes to completed.
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