Reset applicant profile

Resets an applicant profile.


Use this method to roll the applicant review status back to init. In effect, it means that documents uploaded by the applicant are marked as inactive and all statuses previously assigned are deleted.

Using this endpoint can be quite beneficial in scenarios where an applicant makes a support request to re-pass verification from scratch with new documents. This might be necessary if the applicant’s previous documents are outdated, incorrect, or if there have been significant changes in the applicant data that require re-verification.

Mind that you cannot reset the applicant that is currently being checked and is in pending, queued, or prechecked review status.



Resetting an applicant with fraudulent patterns is not a safe option. Make sure the applicant does not have any of the following rejection labels: FORGERY, SELFIE_MISMATCH, BLACKLIST, BLOCKLIST, INCONSISTENT_PROFILE, FRAUDULENT_PATTERNS.



Let us know if you are going to use this method, as we may be able to suggest a better flow for your case.


Did you know?

You can also reset an applicant profile from the Dashboard.

Request example

curl -X POST \

Response explained

If the request is successfully sent and processed, you will get the following response:

  "ok": 1

If the request fails, you will receive an HTTP response containing an error code along with a message explaining the error.

For example:

  "description": "Invalid id '12313213'",
  "code": 400,
  "correlationId": "36d4c16cd06b6f673976b30000000000"



You can trace the applicant profile has been reset in the Events section of the applicant page in the Dashboard.

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