Request applicant check

Starts a check of the applicant profile.


Use this method to check the specified applicant profile in accordance with the verification level settings. In effect, it means the applicant goes to the pending review status awaiting for verification.

This is helpful, for example, when you believe a mistake was made by the system during the previous check, or you are sending applicant documents via API and would like Sumsub to perform a check.



You cannot use this method when an applicant is currently being checked and is in pending, queued, or prechecked review status.


Did you know?

You can also initiate a check from the Dashboard.

Request example

curl -X POST \

Response explained

If the request is successfully sent and processed, you will get the following response:

  "ok": 1

If the request fails, you will receive an HTTP response containing an error code along with a message explaining the error.

For example:

  "description": "Invalid id '12313213'",
  "code": 400,
  "correlationId": "36d4c16cd06b6f673976b30000000000"

In case of the HTTP response 200, you may ignore the response body.

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