Get applicant review status

Returns applicant review status.


Use this method when utilizing WebSDK or MobileSDK; both SDKs will show the rejection reasons and moderation comments.

To fetch the rejection comments, use this method.

Response explained

createDateDateNoDate when the applicant was created.
reviewDateDateYesDate when the check ended.
startDateDateYesDate when the started.
moderationCommentStringYesA comment that can be shown to the end user.
clientCommentStringYesA comment that should not be shown to the end user.
reviewStatusStringNoCurrent verification status.

Possible review statuses

The following table explains possible statuses for the reviewStatus attribute.

initInitial registration started. Not all required documents are uploaded.
pendingAn applicant is ready to be processed.
precheckedThe check is half-way finished.
queuedThe checks have been started for the applicant.
completedThe check has been completed.
onHoldApplicant waits for a final decision from the compliance officer (manual check was initiated) or waits for all beneficiaries to pass KYC in case of company verification.



Mind that reviewAnswer affects the applicant only when reviewStatus: completed.

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