Get applicant review status

Returns the applicant review status.


Use this method when utilizing the WebSDK or MobileSDK to get the review status. Both SDKs will show the rejection reasons and associated moderation comments.

To fetch the rejection comments, use this method.

Response explained

The response is a JSON file which includes the details of the current applicant verification status and check result.

Root variables

Root variables are the core applicant review data items. Some of them may include their own attributes and element fields.

reviewIdStringA unique identifier of the applicant review in the Sumsub system.
levelNameStringThe name of the verification level an applicant has to go through.
attemptIdStringA unique identifier of the current verification attempt.

Applicants may initiate several attempts to get verified if, for example, they failed once or changed/added the documents, or you could change the verification level to start another check.
attemptCntIntegerThe counting number of the current verification attempt on the same verification level.
elapsedSincePendingMsIntegerElapsed time since the applicant verification passed to the pending status.
createDateDateDate and time (UTC) the applicant profile was created in the Sumsub system.
reviewDateDateDate and time (UTC) the applicant check was completed.
reviewResultObjectContains extra details of the applicant verification result.
reviewStatusStringIndicates the applicant review status.

reviewResult attributes

The following table includes the reviewResult attributes explaining the applicant verification result details.

reviewAnswerStringExplains the review result.
  • GREEN — the applicant is approved.
  • RED — the applicant is declined.
rejectLabelsArray of stringsIncludes one or more reasons for rejection. The field is available if reviewAnswer returns RED.

For more details, see Temporary rejection and Final rejection clarification.
reviewRejectTypeStringIndicates the type of rejection.
  • FINAL — final rejection in case of major violations. For example, an attempt of fraud was detected during identification, the applicant is found in the list of persons under sanctions, and so on. The applicant rejected with a final rejection status will not be able to resubmit the documents for verification.
  • RETRY — temporary rejection in case of minor violations. For example, a name or address mismatch, incorrect TIN was provided, and so on. A temporary rejected applicant is sent a resubmission request. Thus the applicant has a chance to upload new documents or resubmit correct data.

For more details, see Temporary rejection and Final rejection clarification.
clientCommentStringA human-readable comment that explains the reasons for rejection in detail, and that must not be shown to the applicant.
moderationCommentStringA human-readable comment that explains the reasons for rejection in detail, and that can be shown to the applicant.
buttonIdsArray of stringsA list of button IDs that have been used for applicant rejection.

A specific buttonId is automatically assigned to each rejection. For more details, see Temporary rejection and Final rejection clarification.



Mind that reviewAnswer affects the applicant only when reviewStatus: completed.

Review statuses

The following table explains possible statuses for the reviewStatus attribute.

initThe applicant is created and the verification process is launched. At this moment, the initial registration has started but not all required documents are uploaded.

For example, the applicant started to fill in a registration form on your web site or you have just added the applicant in the Dashboard.
pendingThe applicant is ready to be processed. It means that required documents are uploaded, the applicant profile contains necessary information and is now in a queue, waiting to be checked.
precheckedThe check is half-way finished. At this step, the applicant profile is created and the uploaded documents have passed the initial quick check.

For example, the system found and rejected a document photo due to its poor quality and then ceased verification to save time and resources on continuing validation of the entire applicant data. If the quick check did not find anything obviously wrong, verification continues.
queuedThe checks are in progress.
completedThe check has been completed, and the review answer is given whether the applicant is approved or declined.
onHoldAssistance from a compliance expert is required, and/or the applicant profile has been delegated to an administrator for manual check based on the criteria set by you.

For example, certain data is incorrect or there are documents of the type you want to check on your side only and so on.

In case of company verification, the company applicant could be waiting for all their beneficiaries to pass the KYC check.
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