Standalone crypto analysis

Initiates standalone crypto analysis.


Use this method for standalone crypto analysis.

Signal attributes

Attributes in signals show the current percentage of transactions/exchanges with particular connections.

Signal Name UISignal Name APIDescription
ATMatmCryptocurrency ATM operator.
Child Exploitationchild_exploitationOrganization which operates via darknets and is suspected of child abuse and exploitation.
Darknet Marketplacedark_marketOnline marketplace which operates via darknets and is used for trading illegal products for cryptocurrency.
Darknet Servicedark_serviceOrganization which operates via darknets and offers illegal services for cryptocurrency.
Enforcement Actionenforcement_actionThe entity is subject to legal proceedings. Jurisdiction will be annotated as a subtype.
Exchange Fraudulentexchange_fraudulentExchange that was involved in illegal activity.
Exchange Licensedexchange_licensedOrganization that is licensed to provide exchange services.
Exchange Unlicensedexchange_unlicensedOrganization that is not licensed to provide exchange services.
GamblinggamblingOnline resource offering gambling services using cryptocurrency.
Illegal Serviceillegal_serviceResource offering illegal services or engaged in illegal activities.
Liquidity Poolsliquidity_poolsThe smart contracts where tokens are locked for the purpose of providing liquidity.
MarketplacemarketplaceEntity offering legal services/trading goods for cryptocurrency.
MinerminerOrganization which utilizes its computing power for mining cryptocurrency blocks.
Mixing ServicemixerService for mixing funds from different sources to make tracing them back harder or almost impossible. It is mostly used for money laundering.
P2P Exchange Licensedp2p_exchange_licensedOrganization that is licensed to provide P2P exchange services.
P2P Exchange Unlicensedp2p_exchange_unlicensedOrganization that is not licensed to provide P2P exchange services.
Payment ProcessorpaymentService which acts as an intermediary between customers and the company which provides services for making a payment.
Ransom ExtortionerransomExtortioners demanding payment in the form of cryptocurrency.
SanctionssanctionsOrganization that is found in sanctions lists.
ScamscamEntities that have scammed their customers and taken possession of their cryptocurrency.
Sized Assetsseized_assetsIn the crypto seized by the government, the default Risk Score is 0%.
Stolen Coinsstolen_coinsEntities which have taken possession of someone else’s cryptocurrency by hacking.
Terrorism Financingterrorism_financingOrganization which operates via darknets and involved in terrorism financing with cryptocurrency.
Online WalletwalletService for storage and making payments with cryptocurrency.
OtherotherNone of the specified entities above. It may include a subtype.
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