Get started

The MobileSDK is a convenient way for your applicants to get verified using their mobile devices.

To get started with the MobileSDK:

  1. Set up a verification level.
  2. Generate an access token associated with:
    1. userId— a user identifier in your system.
    2. levelName — the verification level name that you get at Step 1. This way, you restrain access to the only one applicant and let the SDK know what verification level you are going to use for the verification process.
  3. Choose a platform, which can be iOS SDK and Android SDK, or use mobile frameworks, such as Cordova plugin, React native module, and Flutter plugin.



To initialize the WebSDK within the mobile app using WebView, make sure that:

  • WebView is able to access the device local storage and initialize the camera. For older iOS versions, the camera can be accessed only from the Safari browser or WebView SFSafariViewController.
  • HTML5 video playback is allowed (we are using some instructions within <video> tags). If video instructions are not played, try using WebChromeClient to enable video playback.
  • Autoplay in fullscreen mode is disabled and allowsInlineMediaPlayback is set to true for WebView with running SDK.
  • The selector file is implemented on your side (required for file uploads).