Liveness & Face match

Get advanced security and highest pass rates with Sumsub liveness check and face match.

Liveness verification is an advanced detection technology designed for performing facial biometric checks.

The neural network scans a face and creates a 3D map for analyzing the image and adapting to its changes. It takes just a second to recognize the facial features and report whether the applicant is a real person (not a deepfake, an AI generated face image, paper mask, a photo of a screen, a doll or something similar), not a duplicate and the holder of the account and documents.

Liveness check via embedded mobile SDK.

The Liveness technology is also aimed to recognize forced verification by detecting glasses, phone up to ear, sleeping person, and so on.

Such wide capabilities of Liveness allows you to use the product independently or in the context of user verification. Constantly developing, Liveness is far ahead of many traditional methods of onboarding and authentication:

  • Fast and safe onboarding in seconds.
  • Detecting physical and digital images, high resolution videos, deepfakes, lookalikes, masks, dolls and other lifelike figures.
  • User-friendly process.
  • Preventing account takeovers by replacing 2FA passwords and physical keys for accessing data.

How it works

For applicants, Liveness verification is extremely easy and fast to pass, as it can be passed both on desktop and mobile devices.

The verification process consists of the following steps:

  1. An applicant reads and accepts our terms and conditions in addition to our personal data processing policy.
  2. The brief instructions on how to pass the check appears on the screen.
  3. The applicant positions their face in the frame and moves the head in accordance with the instructions.
  4. The system processes the data and comes up with results.

Get started

Perform Liveness verification via the Sumsub SDK that takes care of every stage included in the process:

  1. Configure the WebSDK and/or MobileSDK integration.
  2. Create a verification level and add a Selfie step with the Advanced liveness check type.
  3. Review verification results.

Review verification results

To review the verification results:

  1. Open the Applicants page and select an applicant who passed the Liveness check.
  2. In the profile, navigate to the Liveness section and review the results.

Use Liveness for non-doc verification

Verify your applicants non-documentary using our Non-Doc verification solution by requesting a biometric check and ID number:

  1. Set up WebSDK or MobileSDK integration.
  2. Create a Non-Doc verification flow with Liveness.

Prevent unauthorized applicant activities

Use Liveness as an applicant action for recurring verification:

  1. Configure the WebSDK or MobileSDK integration.
  2. Create a verification level and from the Type drop-down list, select Applicant actions.
  3. From the Action type drop-down list, select Face auth.
  4. Add Advanced liveness check as a Selfie type.
  5. Review the action data by opening the applicant profile and navigating to the Actions section. Alternatively, you can use the Sumsub API to retrieve the results.