Best practices

Speed up onboarding with the simplified Non-Doc Verification procedure.

Integrate Non-Doc with your flow as you need it

Non-Doc helps you meet compliance regulations locally and internationally, and you can implement it at various points along your user journey.

  • Complete user onboarding. Upgrade your standard user onboarding processes with Non-Doc Verification to improve user experience and operational efficiency.
  • Pre/post-KYC screening. Use Non-Doc Verification for proactive fraud prevention. Verify user data and identify high-risk users before initiating full KYC.
  • Continuous monitoring. Periodically implement Non-Doc Verification to guarantee that users are safe and that their info is up-to-date.

Maximizing efficiency and coverage in Non-Doc Verification processes

Find out the best way of using Non-Doc Verification for covering every possible case and speeding up the verification process:

  1. Get started with Workflow builder. Build the entire flow with multiple scenarios including Non-Document Verification with Sumsub no-code solution.
  2. Don't forget about the standard verification method. Using only the Non-Doc Verification-based flow may be difficult to meet your requirements and not be available in some cases. Thus, you may want to go with documentary verification methods, or perform an additional check, e.g. request a proof of address document if the address from the database is not returned.
  3. Use SDKs when integrating with Sumsub. This is the easiest way to start verifying your users. Our SDK will handle the whole flow, from uploading images to processing the status of verification.
  4. Use Liveness & Face match for your Non-Doc Verification flows. To prevent fraudsters from passing verification and minimize potential risks.