Essential checks and extended essential checks

Verify target VASPs based on various parameters.

Sumsub provides the following types of checks for VASP attribution and VASP Due Diligence:

  • The Essential Check assumes Sumsub receives a counterparty-type risk scoring directly from the Data Partner (Crystal Blockchain) about a VASP in the list.
  • The Extended Essential Check assumes that Sumsub receives the information from its data and generates it into the VASP Due Diligence Report and the VASP risk score.

Sumsub uses Data Partners—Crystal Blockchain and/or Chainalysis—to receive information about a Counterparty and the risk it may pose.

This information is lawfully obtained from the existing public sources (namely, VASPs' websites, country registries, public VASP aggregators, OpenCorporates, and so on).

Sumsub Data Partners verify and double-check information manually before assigning any labels and scores. They also regularly monitor the news and reports and update their databases once the regulation changes.



  • To learn more about the Extended Essential Checks Report, refer to this article.
  • To learn more about the VASP Score, refer to this article.