Empower your crypto transactions monitoring with Chainalysis analytics.

Chainalysis is a leading blockchain analytics provider helping businesses, banks, and governments make critical decisions and protect consumers by providing blockchain insights to detect and deter crypto crime.

Sumsub lets its clients utilize Chainalysis data in various transaction monitoring events to enhance security, mitigate risks, and increase customer trust.

How it works

Sumsub clients can enter their Chainalysis API keys in their dashboard to get access to the Chainalysis data and do the following:

  • Screen deposit and withdrawal addresses to score transactions and identify suspicious sources of funds.
  • Combine KYT events such as 2FA change, password change, and so on, and financial data with Chainalysis analytics.

The data you get will depend on the rules and alerts set on your Chainalysis dashboard.

Get started

You will need the following prerequisites to get started:

  • Valid contract with Chainalysis.
  • Chainalysis KYT License.
  • Access to the Chainalysis dashboard.
  • Configured risk settings on Chainalysis.

If these requirements are met:

  1. Copy the API key from your Chainalysis account.
  2. In the Sumsub Dashboard, navigate to the Chainalysis page and paste your API key.
  3. Wait until Sumsub validates your key.
  4. Install and activate the Chainalysis Rule Bundle, including Chainalysis crypto txn check, Risky Transaction - Chainalysis Source, and Screen Alerts (Chainalysis), as described in this article.

Now, your crypto transactions will be screened based on the rules from the Chainalysis bundle and other rules you installed.