Best practices

Find out how Workflow Builder can influence working with our products at all levels and combine features, code-free.

Simplify business verification flows

Set up a business verification logic with the Initial Company type node selected. Thus, different company types will be divided by this trigger and directed to specialized levels defined by you.

Combine non-document and standard verification

Create non-documentary verification flows and combine them with standard user verification:

  1. Build a flow including non-document verification and standard user verification method. Adding alternative ways of passing the checks increases your conversion rate and covers as many cases as possible.
  2. Integrate with Sumsub via WebSDK and MobileSDK. SDK integration is a very fast and convenient option for handling verification from uploading images to processing check statuses.
  3. Use Liveness & Face match and other additional checks for thorough verification reducing risks.

Auto-reject fraudsters

Create auto-reject flows based on your blocklists to prevent fraudsters from accessing your services:

  1. Add a Condition node and set Rejected as a review decision.
  2. Build a condition based on the applicant ID that you want to auto-reject and select a proper blocklist: If Field: -> is in-> Field: clientLists.my_blocklist.
  3. Proceed with setting up all the branches of your flow accordingly and publish it when done.

Customized flow for different countries

With Sumsub’s Workflow Builder, you can create different scenarios based on the user's country.

For instance, if an applicant comes from Germany, you can automatically trigger a Video identification flow to stay BaFin compliant. For users from Brazil, Indonesia, India, or Nigeria, trigger Document-free verification to boost pass rates. In case users are coming from a "grey list" country, — trigger additional checks.

Workflow Builder allows you to tailor verification flows to different user groups, achieving highest pass rates possible.