Payment source check

Prevent fraudulent transactions by checking the ownership of payment methods.

The payment source check allows you to confirm the ownership for a particular payment method and prevent from the following financial activities taking place by processing the payment source:

  • Fraudulent transactions.
  • Sending funds to third parties.
  • Sending funds from suspicious accounts.

In particular, you will be able to handle the situations in which some payment transfer systems do not require the name and surname of an applicant while sending funds to another person, but you still want to make sure the payment method belongs to the applicant. For additional confirmation, Sumsub requests such data from applicants to verify the transfer and payment source.

No matter what payment method should be processed, with the payment source check, you can identify it and specify the fields that should be requested and checked.

How it works

The payment source check consists of performing an action linked to a particular applicant profile:

  1. You provide the name of the institution along with the key identifiable details, like a unique number, email, phone, and full name associated with the payment source.
  2. An applicant uploads a payment method to their profile (in most cases, it is a screenshot of their payment methods section in the profile).
  3. Sumsub compares the fields specified for confirmation via AI data systematization and OCR.
  4. The result of the check is formed according to the matching:
    • Fields that you have provided earlier (i.e. unique number and email).
    • Data stored in the applicant page (i.e name and phone).
    • Expiration date, if applicable.

Get started

To get started with the payment source check:

  1. Create a WebSDK 2.0 verification level.
    1. In the verification level settings, enable the New version of WebSDK toggle and from the Type drop-down list, select Applicant actions.
    2. Add a Payment method as a required step.
  2. Provide the data for confirmation by one of the following means.
  3. Receive and handle the results.



The payment source verification works only in the WebSDK 2.0.

Review results

Review the results via the Sumsub API or go to the applicant profile and scroll down to the Payment source check section.

There are three matching points indicating the results of the check:

  • Expired/Unexpired.
  • Fixed info matched. Stands for matches with the data sent by you during a payment source request.
  • Applicant info matched. Stands for matches with the data available in Sumsub within the applicant profile.

The first part of the check is indicated red or green according to the fact if there is an appropriate expiration date of the payment source. The rest of the checks will be highlighted red even if one field does not match with the corresponding field in a source of comparison.