Fraud in online gambling refers to any attempt of a player to deceive or manipulate the system in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players or the online casino.

Examples of player fraud include using stolen credit cards or false identities to create multiple accounts, colluding with other players to cheat, exploiting software vulnerabilities or glitches, and engaging in chip dumping or money laundering.


The Responsible Gambling solution ensures compliance with gambling regulations to protect vulnerable players, mitigate legal risks, and preserve your reputation.

If you are a B2B company, Sumsub helps you:

  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements to avoid severe penalties, legal actions, and reputational damage.
  • Control financial risks since such factors as market volatility or fraudulent activities can impact your financial stability.
  • Take care of reputation and trust which are crucial in the gambling industry to save your customers and business partners.

If you are a B2C company, Sumsub helps you avoid players and partners fraud, such as:

  • Identity theft which may include the identity theft of legitimate players or creating fictitious identities.
  • Payment fraud since fraudsters may use stolen credit cards, conduct chargebacks after playing, or engage in money laundering activities.
  • Account takeover when fraudsters may attempt to gain unauthorized access to legitimate player accounts through such techniques as phishing, social engineering, or password cracking.
  • Responsible gambling compliance to promote responsible gambling practices and protect vulnerable players to avoid legal consequences and reputational damage.
  • Money laundering which can be detected in online casinos where a player does not try to win, and everything is done to create the appearance of gaming activity with minimal losses.

As a business running a gambling project, you are likely to provide bonuses and promotional offers to attract players. However, some individuals may attempt to abuse these offers by creating multiple accounts, using fraudulent means to claim bonuses, exploiting game mechanics and glitches, or taking advantage of loopholes in the terms and conditions.

Sumsub offers you the Bonus Abuse Prevention solution — real-time protection for B2C companies such as sports betting, casino, poker sites, and so on to recognize and avoid players’ and partners' fraud.

Recognizing bonus abuse

Cheaters intending to obtain financial gain over the project have a clear pattern of behavior. Their goal is only to make a profit, they often work in groups, and are in complete control of their gambling patterns.

It should be mentioned that not all individuals engaged in bonus abuse are persistent fraudsters. Many of them are average gamblers who perceive their actions as merely "gaming the system" rather than engaging in outright illegal activities. Nevertheless, there exists a significant group of individuals with a shared money pool that is constantly trying to abuse game mechanics in order to get an advantage under site.

The most common behavior of bonus abusers includes the following:

  • Deposits are made to receive the greatest possible bonus amount.
  • Deposits are made only to receive bonuses (where bonus ratio > 70%).
  • Maximum possible bets on high-volatility games.
  • If a huge win occurs, a player switches to low-volatility games with low bet amounts (facilitating the fulfillment of a wager condition).
  • Same behavior in different gambling projects (same deposit amount, same bets and games, and so on).
  • Playing accumulating games and jackpot games with bonus.
  • Delaying bonus rounds.
  • Most bonuses can only be used once, so fraudsters set up multiple accounts to take advantage of repeated bonuses.
  • Arbitrage betting (A player takes advantage of the differences in odds between different sports betting sites, placing bets on all possible outcomes of a game or event in order to guarantee a profit and meet the requirements of a bonus or promotion).

How do I get and use Responsible Gambling and Bonus Abuse Prevention?

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