Verification types

Build complex verification flows for your business needs.

The following table lists verification types and methods that you can use in your verification level steps to verify the identity of your applicants.



You can only add one verification type of the same kind per level. That is, if you already selected, for example, the Identity document verification type, you will no longer be able to select this particular type within the scope of the same level

You can combine all of the verification types listed below to build complex verification flows, depending on your scenario.

Type Available options Methods

Applicant data

  • Add field. You can choose the field type to add from the predefined list. You can also set whether the field should be required or not.
  • Add custom field. You can add a custom field by setting its internal name and name under which the field should be displayed to your applicants. You can also set whether the field should be required or not.

Unavailable for Applicant actions.


Identity document

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Residence permit
  • Driving License
  • Visa



Proof of address

  • Country
  • Street
  • Building number
  • Flat number
  • City
  • State
  • Postcode

When you configure the level to check the proof of address, you can select the Use geolocation checkbox.

You must also provide a preset without which you will not be able to save the level.


Payment methods

  • Bank card
  • Crypto-wallet

Each of these methods requires a document type that should be provided by the applicant during verification. Crypto-wallet has a predefined list of document types from which you can choose.

Available only for Applicant actions.



A questionnaire that your applicants must pass during verification.


Phone verification



Email verification




Used for Non-Doc Verification.