Manage screening results

Manage applicant profiles after they were delegated to you after the AML screening.

If the applicant was delegated to you after the AML screening in accordance with your settings or you disagree with the system decision, you may need to investigate their profile and make a final decision according to your business requirements.

Approve applicants rejected after WL check

To approve applicants rejected during the screening:

  1. Go to the Applicants page.
  2. In the table, find and open the applicant profile you need.
  3. Click Check manually.
  4. Review the profile and navigate to the Watchlists section.
  5. In case of several WL checks performed at different times, go through each timestamp to see and study its results.
  6. Click the applicant record in the table to investigate the sources where the matches were found as per selected timestamp.
  7. Change parameters to those in which you are sure they must be in the following fields: is whitelisted, Match status, Risk level.
  8. Deselect the assigned rejection tags and click Approve.

Remove watchlist check results

You can remove the screening results for each of the timestamps:

  1. Select the timestamp the results of which you want to remove.
  2. Click the trash icon on the right.