Interpret screening results

Learn how to interpret AML screening results.

The results of the AML check are located In the Watchlists section of the applicant profile, where you can see various metrics, such as the date and time when the screening was performed, the applicant name along with their date of birth, search reference that was used during the screening, fuzziness interval, and whether the ongoing monitoring was enabled. You can also leave a note to preserve some useful information about the screening results.

Depending on the screening results, the status timestamp is highlighted in different colors:

  • Green — no matches were found in the watchlists; the applicant can be approved (or is already approved).
  • Yellow — matches in the watchlists are found, and require investigation.
  • Red — matches in the watchlists are found. Thoroughly investigate check results if you want to approve the applicant despite the found matches.

You may have several timestamps—each showing its own results—in case of several WL checks performed at different times.

Screening parameters

The following screening parameters are available, depending on the check result. Usually, less parameters are shown if the result is green:

Search termName of the screened person.
Created atDate and time when the screening was performed.
Search refSearch ID on the Comply Advantage (our AML screening provider) side.
Fuzziness IntervalA customizable value which defines how many inexact matches can be found during the WL screening.
Year of birthBirth date of the screened person.
Ongoing monitoringIndicates if the ongoing AML monitoring is on/off.
Last screening dateDate when the screening was last performed.
Warning typesTypes of matches configured in the settings. Hover the mouse cursor over the question mark to view, or click the link to open the settings in a new tab.

Watchlist (AML) screening report

To view the full report or download it as a PDF file, click View Report.




Names and birth dates of people with the same or similar name mentioned in any public sources in a negative context for the Watchlist check and their statuses as individuals or legal entities.


One or more labels indicating the reasons why the user with the same data is mentioned in the source. For example, Adverse Media, Sanction, PEP, Fitness probity, Warning and others.

Click a label to view the list of sources — the links you can follow to investigate additional information. A label does not always strictly correspond to a WL category, the context should be considered as well.


Indicates the name relevance degree in the found source with the name of your applicant. For example:

  • Exact name match
  • Aka exact match
  • Equivalent name
  • Fuzzy match
  • Date/year of birth match
  • Unknown
  • Name variations removal and so on.


Countries the found matches are related to.


Indicates if the found match is whitelisted or not. Possible options:

  • On — whitelisted.
  • Off — not whitelisted.
  • Empty — no data.

Match status

Indicates the found match status that correlates with the screening parameters.

Risk level

Risk degree that a found match represents. Possible options are:

  • Unknown — When it is not obvious which risk level to choose.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Additional Info

Auxiliary information that can be used as an addition:

  • ID — the match ID on the Comply Advantage side; internal parameter for communication with the provider.
  • Status — the status of the WL check results review.
  • Review date and time
  • Reviewer login
  • View/Edit note — click to view and/or edit (create) a note. For example, you approved the earlier rejected applicant and you want your team to know why.