Gambling bets

Use Sumsub API to send and receive gambling bets data.

A gambling bet is a wager or money placed on the outcome of an uncertain event, such as a sports game, casino game, lottery, or horse race.

You can oversee and track all your users’ activities related to betting. This can include monitoring the amounts being wagered, the odds being offered, the outcomes of the bets, and any suspicious or unusual betting activity.

Gambling bet monitoring aims to ensure fair play, prevent cheating or fraud, and detect any potential problem gambling behavior.

Create gambling bet

Use the type of transaction below to document gambling bets made by your users. The required fields include the following:

    "txnId": "pqq2n19996mxmdeqxkxpbr_newTxn",  //Unique bet ID
    "type": "gamblingBet",
    "gamblingBetInfo": {
      "amount": 42,  //The betted amount
      "currencyType": "fiat",
      "currencyCode": "EUR",  //Bet currency code per ISO 4217
      "resultAmount": 73,  //The betting result amount. In this example, the applicant won 31 EUR
      "betType": "casino",
      "gameType": "DICE_BET",
      "bonusId": "cool_bonus_id" //Unique bonus identifier wihin your system. Indicates the bet was made on bonus funds. If empty — on deposit funds.
    "applicant": {
      "externalUserId": "uniqueRemitterId",  //Unique ID number for the applicant in your system
      "device": {
        "fingerprint": "naeoih9v4qb"  //Unique ID number for the applicant in your system
    "txnDate": "2023-07-21 15:57:38+0200"  //Transaction date. If the date is not provided, the current date will be used

Check out response

The response contains the info from the created transaction (all attributes) above with additional objects that contain the current review and scoring info of the requested transaction.

    "id": "65a91d4b3c901d2b3c89356d",
    "applicantId": "65a906b659df1414adf1107b",
    "scope": "events",
    "externalUserId": "dash-2385a803-1cce-46f6-a9f8-675957c0da32",
    "clientId": "clientId",
    "data": {
      "txnId": "pqq2n19996mxmdeqxkxpbr_newTxn",
      "txnDate": "2023-07-21 13:57:38+0000",
      "applicant": {
        "externalUserId": "dash-2385a803-1cce-46f6-a9f8-675957c0da32",
        "fullName": "response",
        "type": "individual",
        "device": {
          "fingerprint": "naeoih9v4qb"
      "type": "gamblingBet",
      "gamblingBetInfo": {
        "amount": 42,
        "currencyCode": "EUR",
        "amountInDefaultCurrency": 42,
        "defaultCurrencyCode": "EUR",
        "status": "completed",
        "resultAmount": 73,
        "resultAmountInDefaultCurrency": 73,
        "diffAmount": 31,
        "resultDiffAmountInDefaultCurrency": 31,
        "betType": "casino",
        "gameType": "DICE_BET"
      "sourceKey": "123"
    "score": 0,  //Transaction risk score
    "review": {
      "reviewId": "GPKHw",
      "attemptId": "wPTHU",
      "attemptCnt": 0,
      "elapsedSincePendingMs": 18,
      "elapsedSinceQueuedMs": 18,
      "createDate": "2024-01-18 12:44:59+0000",
      "reviewResult": {
        "reviewAnswer": "GREEN"  //Transaction status: GREEN (approved), RED (rejected)
      "reviewStatus": "completed"
    "createdAt": "2024-01-18 12:44:59+0000",
    "scoringResult": {
      "score": 0,
      "dryScore": 0,  //The risk score of the transaction including the matched rules in the “dry run” mode
      "matchedRules": [],
      "unmatchedRules": [],
      "action": "score",
      "ruleCnt": 2,  //Matched rules total
      "dryRunRuleCnt": 0,  //Matched rules in the “dry run” mode total
      "tagScores": []
    "typedTags": [],
    "txnInactive": false