About applicant actions

Learn about applicant actions and how to use them.

An action is an additional check (event) that you can configure in your verification level settings. Actions can be triggered by specific events performed by applicants.

For example, every time your applicants make a transfer or payment, they are asked to confirm their identity by passing an action check.

You can set the following checks as actions:

Initialize WebSDK for applicant actions

To initialize the WebSDK for using applicant actions:

  1. Set up a verification level:
    1. From the Type drop-down list, select Applicant actions.
    2. From the Action type drop-down list, select an action type that you want to use. For example, Face authentication.
  2. Generate an access token with externalActionId and userId to pass it to the WebSDK.
  3. Install an NPM package or use CDN version of the script and launch it with accessToken you generated at the previous step.