Import applicant with images by archive

Imports applicant data and images including associated review results.


Use this method to import the applicant data, images, and associated review results. The archive will be processed, resulting in a new applicant with the approved documents created.

In the request body, a *.zip archive should be sent to us. To be able to process the archive, it should contain:

  • The applicant.json file having an applicant entry with the review results similar to the body of the Import applicants request.
  • Directories containing the images to be uploaded and the applicantIdDoc.json file with the document information (one per directory).

The following is an example of the applicant.json file:

	  "externalUserId": "someClientUserId",
	  "info": {
		    "firstName": "John",
		    "lastName": "Snow",
		    "country": "GBR"
	  "review": {
		    "elapsedSincePendingMs": 100,
		    "elapsedSinceQueuedMs": 50,
		    "createDate": "2022-11-21 08:25:32+0000",
		    "reviewDate": "2022-11-21 08:25:36+0000",
		    "reviewResult": {
            "levelName": "basic-kyc-level",
			      "moderationComment": "",
			      "clientComment": "",
			      "reviewAnswer": "GREEN"
		    "reviewStatus": "completed"



Object values of idDocType and country should always be present in the applicantIdDoc.json file:

    "idDocType": "PASSPORT",
    "country": "GBR"
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