Perform name cross validation

Performs a name cross validation.


Use this method to perform the comparison between names.



The list within .idDocs can take only two objects.

Possible comparisonMode values

strictAllows only the exact match:
- Dr. John Smith and John Smith are acceptable.
- John D Smith and John Smith are unacceptable.
containmentCompares the most similar name parts separately:
- Emanuel Burns and Burns Emanuel are acceptable.
- Mike Wazowski and Michael Wazowski are unacceptable.
fuzzyContainmentAllows greater flexibility in spelling and accepts rearrangement of given and family names. For example, Judy Smith, Smith Judith, J Smith, and Smith J M are acceptable.
weakContainmentA flexible name matching that converts names to lowercase and removes spaces for broader matches. For example, John Manuel Smith will match with Johnmanuel Smith.
defAllows a wide range of spelling variations. For example, John M Smith and Dr. J Manuel Smith are acceptable.

Response explained

As a response, you will get a JSON representing the comparison results.

fullNameMatchBooleanThe full name comparison result.
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