Generate Fisherman access token

Creates an access token to apply Fisherman per applicant session.


Once the applicant browser initiates a request to your website, apply this method to generate an access token with the corresponding session ID. When you receive a response with the access token, use it at the next step to start the JS library, and at the last step to confirm the applicant platform event.

Access token example:

    "accessToken": "_act-jwt-eyx8A8qkAWM9Tb2LSS6yuP8EoLqJtWKVsmhE6AgaCav5E28JAJiJidzG2qZIjMECQ6UWsuboKvMeM1HEhPTWF1ZPqJxcdtP0N8opXwJdCZLfetv5Ui516CloG6nKT9YUaZ."
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