August 2023

In this release, we have added support for Non-Doc Verification in the UK, new Dashboard permissions to manage applicant profiles, new Transaction monitoring rules and expressions, and many more.

Non-Doc Verification

This service is based on open-banking verification that’s already enabled through all the most commonly used banks in the country. All that’s required from users is to log into their bank account and share personal data.


Meet the new permissions:

  • See list of applicants
  • Download bulk applicant report
  • Blocklist applicants
  • Reset applicants
  • Manage applicant tags
  • Change applicant's level

We have also revised 13 permissions to be more understandable.


Meet the following updates:

Transaction monitoring

Transaction Monitoring: more easy-to-use rules

  • You can find the available rules in the Rule Library. They can be filtered by the transaction type or bundle, covering specific use cases.
  • New pre-set rules are available for Responsible Gambling with transaction types added: Gambling Bet, Gambling Limit Change.
  • New tokens have been added to the Crypto Check: DOGE, DASH, ZEC, EOS, MATIC, ADA.
  • New rule released: Put transaction on hold on evaluation error, which can be found in the Crypto bundle. This way, if there’s a failed Crypto Check—due to a timeout, error response, etc.—the transaction is sent On Hold for manual review, and an officer can rescore it manually.

Transaction Monitoring: new expressions released for IBAN & BIC country

We are now extracting country data from the BICs & IBANs you pass to us. You can build rules to compare this data with the applicant’s residency, IP, IdDoc, PoI, etc.

Workflow Builder

We are introducing some small improvements to make the Workflow Builder even smoother:

  • Tabs and buttons are now on islets.
  • Emphasizing if the workflow is activated.
  • Nodes have a new look: new icons and colors.
  • Starting nodes are now marked as such.