March 2024

An upgraded comprehensive Fraud Prevention Solution is now live! We have also added the ability to validate the applicant data in Mexico via CURP. Furthermore, we have extended our Transaction Monitoring solution with Chainalysis that allows you to screen for risky addresses at a more precise level.

Database verification

Mexico Data Validation via CURP

This service enables Sumsub clients to validate Mexican user data through the RENAPO (National Population Registry) database by screening their CURP (Unique Population Registry Code) number and extracting the full profile record stored by the source.

Transaction monitoring

Now it’s possible to use Chainalysis within our Transaction Monitoring solution to screen for risky addresses.



This will only work for clients who are already customers of Chainalysis and have their API Keys.

Learn more here.

Fraud prevention

An upgraded comprehensive Fraud Prevention Solution is now live! Welcome to the result of what we developed by checking over 1 billion users through KYC over multiple years.

Sumsub’s improved system delivers 360-degree anti-fraud and AML solutions, so you can detect and act on all financial crime attempts.

We're excited to share our latest features:

  • Holistic functionality: See the whole fraud prevention workflow with one platform.
  • Ongoing monitoring: Stop the 70% of fraud that happens after onboarding.
  • AI-driven analytics: Stay ahead with cutting-edge AI and ML algorithms.
  • Multi-layered protection: Apply robust and hassle-free fraud prevention.
  • No-code workflow: Automate manual monitoring with no coding required.
  • AI-powered case management: Make swift decisions with intelligent case management.
  • Cost-efficiency: Lower expenses with a single integration and dedicated support.

Sumsub's multi-layered approach ensures continuous detection of fraud and illicit activities so you can focus on your genuine customers while applying:

  • Account takeover prevention: Prevent unauthorized access to your customers' accounts.
  • Multi-accounting detection: Outsmart fraudsters with fraud network detection, behavioral intelligence, and device fingerprinting.
  • Payment protection: Combat and block payment fraud by scanning every transaction in real-time.

With the latest anti-fraud solution at your fingertips, you can drive your business with confidence, and excel without the threat of organized fraud.

To start using Fraud Prevention solution, contact us at [email protected].


We’ve added a new Case Management tab to the main menu

This will help you:

  • Efficiently manage manual tasks.
  • Oversee team performance and assign cases to relevant officers.
  • Handle both KYC and Transaction Monitoring cases at the same time.

Lear more.

We’ve introduced a fresh look in our dashboard with a sidebar redesign

  • Our current sidebar has been with us for over 3 years, and it’s time to keep up with the times and the design system we’re rolling out elsewhere.
  • Don’t worry, though—the navigation and dashboard sections remain untouched.

Levels page: The new design is here

Introducing a new design for the levels list table for KYC levels (individuals) and KYB levels (companies).

What’s new?

  • Search field
  • Filters for steps and types
  • New column for level type (Standard, Actions, Module)
  • Sorting by name, type, and creation date

Сheck it out.

KYB Levels Redesign: Several new UI and few functionality aspects added

  • Possibility to create a KYB level containing a Questionnaire step only to use in the Workflow builder as a router between different levels
  • Synced toggles [KYB type], [New version of WebSDK] with company steps, which enable configuring Auto KYB levels easily and error prevention.
  • Collapsible view and drag and drop functionality to rearrange order of steps and substeps.
  • Dedicated AML settings for KYB Levels which override the defaults.

KYC Level UI/UX updates released

  • Improved UX/UI in terms of configuring steps and level settings.
  • Level creation and configuring became more straightforward thanks to separating steps and other settings in different sections

From now on, you’ll get a notification on the possible conversion impact before making changes to the Supported ID documents configuration. This will help you consider the risks and make a responsible decision.

Business Verification

AutoKYB 2.0: Speed up corporate users onboarding with a revamped Sumsub Automated Business Verification solution

Are you onboarding businesses? Be the first to try AutoKYB 2.0, which offers:

  • Approx. 10 seconds for decision making.
  • Broad data sources coverage.
  • Ownership structure insights.
  • Improved UI with a company search step.

Enjoy Auto KYB 2.0’s user-friendly dashboard and boost your pass rates.


Only available for early adopters

Request access today; contact us at [email protected].


Danish language support has been added to the WebSDK.