September 2023

In this release, we have added the ability to use Residence Permit and UAE IDs as a basis for verification through government databases, Non-Doc verification for the UK now requires only online banking credentials and device authentication, Transaction Monitoring introduces a new UI for rules, and many more.

Database verification

Singapore Residence Permit and UAE IDs are available for additional validation through external databases.

To start validating, contact us at [email protected].

Non-Doc verification

UK Non-Doc verification no longer requires manual address, DoB, phone, or email data attribute input. The only inputs required from the user is their online banking credentials and device authentication, while the aforementioned data is retrieved automatically from the banking institution.


The WebSDK now supports Lithuanian.

Workflow builder

With the default AML solution, it is now possible to check which AML risk labels an applicant has, enabling you to:

  • Delegate all the cases where AML matches were found to manual review.
  • Delegate only selected labels to manual review.
  • Reject applicants based on the presence of a match without the need for investigation.

There is also a new option to delegate or reject applicants based on the Selfie and Person risk labels.

Transaction monitoring

Transaction Monitoring introduces a new UI for Rules and the Rules Library. No more switching tabs; all the rules are now available on the same screen.

Rules Library:

  • All rules are now structured in bundles on one page.
  • You can install each rule multiple times by copying it.
  • You can install the whole bundle at once by clicking Install bundle.

Rule Page:

  • Rules are now structured by stages (pre-scoring, scoring, post-scoring).
  • Dry-run can be easily turned on and off with a toggle.
  • The NEW label will be assigned to a newly installed rule. It disappears after a rule change or 48 hours after installation.

To start using the Sumsub’s Transaction Monitoring solution, contact us at [email protected].